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HI. I'm trying to upgrade to 2017.2 and have hit an issue.

I have uninstalled Adaxes from our 'DR' server and attempted to install the latest version (note I have also tried installing the old version at this point, so the issue doesn't look version specific).

The issue occurs when I try to select an existing instance to connect to (under Share Configuration during install) - I get an error 'The server is not operational'.

Previously I could use 'select' to search for my existing instance, but I get the above error when trying. I have also tried manually entering the server name, and also the servername with the Adaxes port i.e. servername:12345.


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Hi - you can ignore this - we found the issue (permissions).


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During initial replication, AD LDS uses not only the port used by Adaxes Backend, but also RPC ports. Thus, you need to make sure that the 2 instances of Adaxes Service can communicate with each other via the following ports (TCP and UDP):

  • 135 RPC Locator
  • Dynamic RPC ports*
  • Port 54782

* To enable communication through dynamic RPC ports, you need to open ports 1024-5000 for Windows 2003 or 49152-65535 for Windows 2008 and higher.

For details, see here: What ports does Adaxes use?.

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