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Hi there,

Is there a way to change the default view control from TreeView to ListView for new users?

We have a setup where, when using listview you can choose only "valid entries" but if switching to treeView nothing shows since there are containers not included in the filter between the "root" and the "valid objects".

Another option could be having the ability to create a "browse filter" and another "selection filter" when picking the OU during user account creation (or perhaps even better, a filter for selection objects but having the UI allowing the user to browse to each valid target OU).

Any assistance appreciated!

The query we use looks like this: (&(objectclass=organizationalUnit)(name=users)(admindisplayname=Standard)) and the filtered objects DN looks like this:

And we don't want administrators to be able to select the OU between the root and the Users-OU.

Example Treeview:

Example ListView:

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Is there a way to change the default view control from TreeView to ListView for new users?

No, there is no such possibility.

Another option could be having the ability to create a "browse filter" and another "selection filter" when picking the OU during user account creation (or perhaps even better, a filter for selection objects but having the UI allowing the user to browse to each valid target OU).

We recommend you to try the following approach to filter the available target containers:

  1. Launch Adaxes Web Interface Customization Tool.
  2. Select the interface type and click Configure Home Page Actions on the General tab.
  3. Double-click the Create User Account action.
  4. Activate the Target Container tab.
  5. Select Allow selecting only containers/OUs located under.
  6. In the Container DN field, paste the distinguished name (DN) of the Data container (i.e. OU=Data,DC=beckers-group,DC=com).
  7. Select Disallow selecting this OU/container.
  8. Select When selecting the target OU or container, display only objects that match the specified LDAP filter.
  9. Enter your filter (i.e. (&(objectclass=organizationalUnit)(name=users)(admindisplayname=Standard))) into the LDAP filter field.
  10. Click OK three times.

The containers displayed in Tree View and List View should be the same and there will be no possibility to select the Data container.


Hi there,

The proposed solution is not entirely true.

Since the OU's between the "Users" OU and the "Data" OU is not included in the result when running the LDAP-filter the treeview is used.

Sure, I could modify the filter to include those OU's but that would result in the following:
- The treeview would work as intended (with the execption that users would also be able to pick the intermediate OUs)
- The listView would in addition the OU's shown today also show all the intermediate OU's, resulting in a more "cluttered" interface.

Any other ideas?



Sorry for the confusion, but we do not quite get which OUs exactly you need to display. According to your filter it should be possible to select for new user creation only OUs located named Users and that have the admindisplayname property set to Standard. It means that neither Tree View nor List View will display other OUs. Also, according to the information you provided, the target OUs must be selected only under the Data OU. hat is exactly what the recommended solution does. If you need the possibility to select other OUs, you need to modify the LDAP filter and the base OU option.


Hi again,

I'll try to clarify:
We want users to be able to select this OU:

But not this one:

The reason for the (admindisplayname=Standard) part in the query is because we have other homepage actions to create other types of accounts, and they should be created in other OU's.

Using the filter above it works, but only when using listview, since only the OU we want to be able to pick are included in the result. This fact, however also makes it impossible to use the treeview to browse to the OU that we want to select (since the OU's we do not want to be able to select are not included in the result).

So, what would help us greatly would be if either the treeview-control would allow browsing (but not selecting) any OU between the root and the OU's that are returned from the query, or if we could be given the choice between using listview or treeview as default control when browsing target OU for new accounts.

Another option would be to use two separate LDAP-filters, one that returns OU's that are displayed in the UI and another that determines what OU's are allowed for selection.

Many thanks!



Thank you for clarifying. There is no possibility to achieve what you need with one Home Page Action. As a workaround, you can create a separate action for each allowed OU under the Data one.


Hi again,

Thanks for the reply, although it was not quite what I had hoped for.

With regards to being able to make a choice between using treeview and listview as default in the webUI, is that also out of the question?



No, there is no such possibility either.

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