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a very interesting feature would be the capability for a user to add herself to a security group directly from inside the Self service interface, as it is already possible for distribution lists. How can be implemented this?

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Hello Giovanni,

Yes, it is possible. You need to configure the view where the Member Of section is displayed.

  1. On the computer where the Web Interface is installed, launch the Web Interface Configuration tool.
  2. Select Self Service in the Interface type combo box.
  3. Activate the AD Management tab.
  4. Click Customize Forms and Views.
  5. In the Object types list, select User and activate the View tab.
  6. In the Section list, select Member Of (Security Groups).
  7. Enable the Allow membership modification option in the Section Parameters section.
  8. Click Apply.

For more details, see Customize Forms for User Creation and Editing.

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