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How do you add a custom attribute to the search results?

Version 2017.2 / 3.8.14823.0

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I'm not trying to use Adaxes custom attributes (e.g. CustomAttributeText1) in LDAP search filters i just want them to display.

Like how "Hire Date" shows

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Thank you for clarifying. You just need to add the required attributes to the list of available columns. To do so:

  1. Launch Adaxes Web Interface Customization tool.
  2. Select the Web Interface type.
  3. Activate the AD Browsing tab and click Configure Columns.
  4. Click Add below the Available Columns list.
  5. Select Show all properties and then select the custom attribute you need (e.g. CustomAttributeText1).
  6. Click OK.
  7. If you want the attribute column to be displayed in grids by default, select the checkbox for the attribute in the Display by default column.
  8. Click OK twice.
  9. Before checking the settings in Adaxes Web Interface, you need to sign out and then sign in.

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