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I have trouble understanding the instruction listed here:
https://www.adaxes.com/script-repositor ... s-s516.htm

What should I put into $propertyForSearch and $valuesForSearch variables?

# Search settings
$propertyForList = "Office" # TOOD: modify me
$propertyForSearch = "????" # TOOD: modify me
$valuesForSearch = @("????", "????") # TOOD: modify me

# Property Pattern settings
$patternName = "User Pattern" # TODO: modify me
$propertyToUpdate = "Office" # TODO: modify me

My goal is to update Office pattern to provide a list of Office locations that are already being used in AD. Since Adaxes is not the only system adding new locations to AD.

Thank you.

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The $propertyForSearch variable should contain the LDAP name of the attribute, whose values must match at least one value specified in the array of the $valuesForSearch variable. For example, when the variables are specified like the following:

$propertyForList = "physicalDeliveryOfficeName"
$propertyForSearch = "description"
$valuesForSearch = @("Value1", "Value2")
$patternName = "User Pattern"
$propertyToUpdate = "physicalDeliveryOfficeName"

The value of the Office property will be added to the list of values allowed for the Office property in the User Pattern Property Pattern if the Office property of the account contains any value and the Description property of the account equal Value1 or Value2.

For your information, LDAP name of the Office property is physicalDeliveryOfficeName. So, if you want to update the list of allowed values for the property in a Property Pattern, the values of the $propertyForList and $propertyToUpdate variables should be specified as physicalDeliveryOfficeName.


But I need to allow all values found in this attribute, I do not have a list of items beforehand and if I had, there would be no need to search for them.
How do I make this to return all the options used for Office in AD?



You can just comment (or remove) the following line in the script:

$filter.Append([Softerra.Adaxes.Ldap.FilterBuilder]::CreateOrred($propertyForSearch, [System.String[]]$valuesForSearch))

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