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It seems that we're having a problem with renaming users.
When our administrators rename a user our AD reflects the changes as expected, but the name in the Exchange Global Address List isn't updated.

Do I need to add something in Adaxes to make it work?

Adaxes 2012.1
Active Directory in 2003 mode, forest mode 2000
Exchange 2007 SP3



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Hello Troels,

How did you rename those users? The thing is that Exchange uses the Display Name property of a user for the Global Address List.

When renaming a user in Adaxes (both in Adaxes Administration Console and in Adaxes Web Interface), you will be prompted for the new Full Name of the user, as well as his/her First Name, Last Name, Display Name and User Logon Name. If you change the user's Full Name only, by default, the new Display Name will not be generated correctly.

I suggest that you also update the First Name and the Last Name properties, and the new Display Name will be generated correctly by the built-in User Property Pattern. Or, alternatively, you can just update only the Display Name and Full Name properties.

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