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Hi again,

We use a regional model for our AD, with a root domain and three regional domains.
Global resources, such as Exchange are hosted in the root domain (i.e. the security groups for Exchange are in the root domain).
I just want to use Adaxes on a child domain, but it seems then that i cannot create Exchaneg mailboxes : the software complains that it doesn't know the root domain. So i had to add the Adaxes account to the root domain Administrators builtin group, which i wouldn't like to do.

Did i miss something ?

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This is a well-known issue that will be fixed in the next version.
If the problem is critical for you, here is the build the contains a fix for this problem:
x64 English: http://softerra-downloads.com/adaxes/Ex ... x64_en.msi
x86 English: http://softerra-downloads.com/adaxes/Ex ... x86_en.msi
x64 German: http://softerra-downloads.com/adaxes/Ex ... x64_de.msi
x86 German: http://softerra-downloads.com/adaxes/Ex ... x86_de.msi

Before installing this build, you may want to backup the configuration of your Adaxes service and restore it on the new instance of Adaxes.
On how to backup/restore Adaxes configuration, please read
http://www.adaxes.com/help/?HowDoI.Mana ... ation.html.


Ok. It works now with the newest version.
Any idea why the mailbox is not stamped with the right email policy ? a weird email address is created, with a Company_Global domain which is unknown in my configuration, and it seems that the regular address policy is not applied though it exists and applies to the account (checkbox checked)


E-mail Address Policies will be supported in the next version (2011.1). At the moment, Adaxes generates e-mail address by concatenating the mailbox alias and the default accepted domain name.


For now, you can update e-mail addresses with the help of Business Rules.
You can create a Business Rule that will be triggered after creation of Exchange mailboxes, and update the following properties of the user:
proxyAddresses: SMTP:%firstname%.%lastname%@company.com
proxyAddresses: smtp:%firstname,1%.%lastname%@example.com
mail: %firstname%.%lastname%@company.com



Yesterday we released Adaxes 2011.1. The new version supports E-mail Address Policies.

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