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The new version that is "very soon" to be released(1-2 weeks). Is it going to be possible to set/change those from the web-interface.
Would be very handy for example the HR department to be able to manage this.

thumbnail attribute : Outlook 2010 can use this natively.
jpeg Photo attribute : SharePoint 2010 can use this natively.

Read more here:
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/libr ... 51252.aspx
http://www.faq-o-matic.net/2011/02/07/b ... directory/


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Hello Brandur,

Thank you for the suggestion!

Adaxes uses the thumbnailPhoto property to store user images.

Would you like Adaxes to also update the jpegPhoto property when a user changes the thumbnailPhoto property?


Hi Eugene and thank you for your response.
The jpegPhoto property in not vital for me at this time. But in the future it would be used by my company.
The thing is that the jpegPhoto property supports other sizes(i think <100kb) and the thumbnailPhoto supports a recommended <10kb. So I imagine that you could use a bigger picture in the jpegPhoto property.

Where I work all employees have 2 photos taken of them. One(small) where you can just see the shoulders and up. The other(larger) one, you can see the whole person.
So in short. No, don't update the properties together. They should be handled separately.

Maybe this could be incorporated into Adaxes web-interface. You see the usual thumbnailPhoto first and if you click that picture you could see the larger one.

Sure it's best if you dude's read up on this from Microsoft :)


OK, point taken. I've added this feature to our TODO list.
Thank you for the suggestion once again!


Thank you.
I'll wait for the newest version to be release before implementing a internal trail for testing(regarding the license count issue, mentioned in the other post :) ).


I'll update this topic as soon as the new version is released.


Yesterday we released Adaxes 2011.2. You can download the new version here.

Disable edit thumbnailPhoto web interface

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