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We are a K-12 private school currently using a small program call ADSync to manage new/existing user accounts based on information populated into our HR system (MS SQL DB).

I'd like to transfer the role of this small program over to Adaxes for account management (creation, changes etc).

It runs an SQL query to return results from the DB (like first/last name, school year, preferred name, etc etc). It then takes this various information and does such things as place the user account in the correct OU, adds them to a security group based on year level, sets manager based on their 'school house' membership).

I would like to explore the options of still using this SQL DB as the information master and getting Adaxes to read from this and populate the user properties accordingly.

Ive seen some scripts you have generated for other users:

http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_Simplif ... Script.htm
Load Possible Property Pattern values from SQL

Im not sure that these are the things I am looking for...

Look forward to discussing further my options.


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Actually, there's a much better example in our SDK. Take a look at Example 1 under Script Examples in Server-Side Scripting. The script from the samples can be executed before creating a user. It looks up an MS SQL database for a user with the specified Employee ID and sets the Department and Job Title specified in the database for that user. You can base your scripts on that example. If you need further assistance, we will help you.


Thank you for your response. We have some pretty specific requirements so I think I will open a support case to discuss this further.



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