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I am trying to figure out how to create a scheduled task via PowerShell.

I've been referencing the SDK, mostly pulling script examples straight out of it. After following the steps on http://www.adaxes.com/sdk/ManagingScheduledTasks.html I can successfully create a task, with a schedule.

However, when trying to follow http://www.adaxes.com/sdk/DefiningActio ... tions.html to add actions and conditions, I consistently get the same error: You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression. at the same line which reads: $actionsAndConditions = $task.ConditionedActions.Create()

The actions/conditions I copied out of your SDK.


Full Script


# Connect to the Adaxes service
$admNS = New-Object "Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmNamespace"
$admService = $admNS.GetServiceDirectly("localhost")

# Bind to the 'Scheduled Tasks' container
$scheduledTasksPath = $admService.Backend.GetConfigurationContainerPath(
# Build the ADS path of the child container 'My Container'
$scheduledTasksPathObj = New-Object "Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdsPath"`
$myContainerAdsPath = $scheduledTasksPathObj.CreateChildPath("CN=O365ScriptScheduled")

$myContainer = $admService.OpenObject($myContainerAdsPath, $NULL, $NULL, 0)

# Create a new Scheduled Task
$task = $myContainer.Create("adm-ScheduledTask", "CN=My Tasks12")

$task.ObjectType = "user"
$task.Description = "My description"
$task.Disabled = $False
$task.OperationType = "none"

# The $task variable refers to a Scheduled Task          

$recurrencePattern = $task.GetRecurrencePattern()
$recurrencePattern.RecurrenceType = "ADM_RECURRENCEPATTERNTYPE_ONCE"
$recurrencePattern.PatternStartDateTime = (Get-Date).AddDays(30)
$task.DeleteTaskAfterExecution = $True


# The $obj variable refers to a Business Rule, Custom Command or Scheduled Task

# Create a new set of actions and conditions
$actionsAndConditions = $task.ConditionedActions.Create()
$actionsAndConditions.ConditionsLogicalOperation = "ADM_LOGICALOPERATION_AND"

# If located under the 'Distribution Lists' OU
$condition = $actionsAndConditions.Conditions.CreateEx("adm-LocationCondition")
$locationCondition = $condition.GetCondition()
$locationCondition.IsOperator = "ADM_ISOPERATOR_IS"
$locationCondition.Scope = "ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE"
$ouDN = "OU=Distribution Lists,DC=domain,DC=com"
$ou = $admService.OpenObject("Adaxes://$ouDN", $NULL, $NULL, 0)
$locationCondition.Container = $ou

# Establish e-mail address for the Group (Alias: '%samAccountName%')
$action = $actionsAndConditions.Actions.CreateEx("adm-ExchangeTaskAction")
$mailEnableAction = $action.GetAction()
$mailEnableAction.MailAlias = "%samAccountName%"

# Add the set to the Business Rule, Custom Command or Scheduled Task


# Save the Scheduled Task
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The error occurs because the Scheduled Task doesn't exist by the time when you are trying to create a new set of actions and conditions. To be able to create a new set of actions and conditions in a Scheduled Task, the task must be saved first. When you create a new Scheduled task by using the Create method and set some properties of the task, such as description, schedule etc, you are only putting the properties of the new task in the property cache without saving anything. Thus, before creating a set of actions and conditions, you need to call the IADs::SetInfo method to save your Scheduled Task. If you look at the examples in Managing Scheduled Tasks more attentively, all of them call the IADs::SetInfo method right after defining a schedule for a task.

That is, in your case, you need to insert the following line before the line that fails:


This worked perfectly, thank you.

I will point out however, that after going back and looking... attentively, I still see no $task.SetInfo() line after any of the script examples in the section labeled "defining a schedule", I see that line after each example of Creating a task, and modifying a task, but not defining a schedule.

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