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I need to know what are the latest improvements in Adaxes to work with Cloud automation? Is there any more planned improvements for the Cloud base automations?

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Among the latest improvements for working with cloud services are the following:

  • Starting with Adaxes 2019.2 basic authentication is not used to access Exchange Online. Passwords are not transmitted over the network with every request, which means the new authentication mechanism is more secure and reliable. Basic authentication will no longer be supported by Microsoft from October 2020, and we are ahead of the game – all Adaxes features for Exchange Online will work without issues.
  • Also, the ability to send email messages to mailboxes that are currently being created in Exchange Online was added. For example, you can now send a welcome email to a user right after assigning an Exchange Online license. Adaxes will wait until a mailbox is created in the cloud and only after that it will send the email message to the mailbox.
  • A lot of improvements for working with Exchange (including Exchange Online) were presented with Adaxes 2019.1. For details, see https://www.adaxes.com/info_whats-new_2019.1.htm#exchange.

As for planned improvements, our roadmap includes management of Azure Active Directory (AAD).

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