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Hi all,

I'm facing an issue when adding a new Adaxes service. I already have 3 adaxes Services and I need to setup a new one.
The installation process stuck for hours at step 'Installing AD LDS instance' without any errors in event log (System, Application Adaxes ...)
I tried to disable Windows FW on each server without success.
Which port should I test ?
Have you any idea ?
I already installed 3 other Adaxes services without prblem... :/

Thanks in advance


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Can you try installing Adaxes with detailed logging. To do this:

  1. Start installation using the following command line: msiexec /i C:\Installs\adaxes_x64_en.msi /lvx C:\Logs\adaxeslog.txt, where:

    • ​C:\Installs\adaxes_x64_en.msi​ - is the full path to the Adaxes installation package,
    • C:\Logs\adaxeslog.txt - is the full path to the log file generated during the installation.
  2. Proceed with installation.

  3. As soon as installation sticks, check the generated installation log for the latest error or send the log file to us to support[at]adaxes.com.

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