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Hi All,

I have just been notified that if a user uses the export feature. They are able to export attributes such as 'Member Of' that they do not have permission to see on the web interface.

I think this is because the Domain User security role has Read permission on all object types which is then locked down via the web interface.

Is there an easy way to restrict the export like you restrict the web interface or will I have to individually add permissions to the Domain User security role?


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Permissions in Adaxes are granted with the help of Security Roles. Hiding the elements of the Web Interface from the users doesn’t affect their permissions to view certain object properties. If the built-in Domain User Security Role was not modified in your environment, all authenticated users effectively have the permissions to view all objects and all their property values.

To restrict the permissions to export certain property values, you have to deny the rights to view these values using Security Roles. For details, please see https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_DelegatingPermissions_GrantRightsToModifySpecificProperties.htm. On step 3 of the tutorial, check the Read <Property Name> permission in the Deny column.

Please note, that even if you restrict the rights to view the value of a certain property (e.g. Member Of), users will still be able to select this property during export, but the value in the exported document will be blank.


Thank you for that. I will have to make the Domain User permissions a bit more granular

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