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Dear Support, is it possible to "manually" create an object of type "device"? We would like to sync devices (mobile devices enrolled in InTune) assigned to user in AAD to onprem via some powershell and for this object creation is necessary. We were able to create it via web... but not sure if that's correct way

Thank you!

P.S. Yes, we know that it can be syncronized by connected, but it's not done in our domain.

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Hello Dmytro,

To create Active Directory objects of the Device type you can use a Create Web Interface action configured for the Device object type. Out of the box, device objects are not displayed in Adaxes Web Interface. To display them in browsing, add the Device object type in the Filter Options of the Browsing section in Web Interface Configurator. Additionally, if you need to be able to manage devices in Web Interface, you will need to configure forms for viewing and editing devices. For information on how to configure Web Interface to manage Active Directory objects of a custom type, have a look at the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_WebInterfaceCustomization_ManageADObjectsOfCustomType.htm.

Alternatively, to create devices a Custom Command can be used. The command will be configured for the Organizational Unit (OU) object type to create new devices in the OU on which the command is executed. The device name will be specified using a Custom Command parameter. For information on how to create Active Directory objects using Custom Commands, have a look at the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveDirectoryManagement_CreateMultipleAdObjectsInOneOperation.htm.

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