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I'm trying to retrive the Microsoft 365 License product name in a report as the 'Office 365 License' attribute in Adaxes shows each individual licensed product e.g. Exchange etc. We're trying to get a report of each of the different license types into a report in Adaxes for additional action.

So far I have the below however it's not retrieving values even though if a run the script in powershell it works perfectly. Product names from the article here


$admNS = New-Object "Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmNamespace"
$admService = $admNS.GetServiceDirectly("localhost")

$user = $Context.BindToObjectByDN("%distinguishedName%")

Connect-MsolService -Credential

$MSOLUser = Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName "%userPrincipalName%"
$Licenses = ($MSOLUser.Licenses.AccountSkuId).Trim("%company%:")

$productnames = @()
Foreach ($License in $Licenses) {
    If ($License -eq "ENTERPRISEPACK") {$productnames += "Office 365 E3"}
    Elseif ($License -eq "DESKLESSPACK") {$productnames += "Office 365 F3"}
    ElseIf ($License -eq "SPE_E3") {$productnames += "Microsoft 365 E3"}
    ElseIf ($License -eq "SPE_F1") {$productnames += "Microsoft 365 F3"}
$productnames = $productnames -join ", "

$Context.Value = $productnames
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Hello Richard,

Use the below script to add names of assigned Microsoft 365 licenses to the custom column. The column type should be Text.

$ADObject = $Context.GetADObject()
    $microsoft365properties = $ADObject.GetOffice365Properties2()
    $microsoft365properties = $NULL

if ($NULL -ne $microsoft365properties)
    $licenses = @()
    foreach ($license in $microsoft365properties.Licenses)
        if (!$license.Assigned)

        $licenseName = $license.Sku.DisplayName
        $licenses += $licenseName

    $stringValue = [System.String]::Join(";", $licenses)
    $Context.Value = $stringValue
    $Context.Value = "No tenant associated with user"

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