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I would like to have the possibility to use different icons for AD groups. I have groups for file permissions, applications, mailboxes, etc. For each group type I would like to assign an icon based on a property (e.g. name starts with "GSW" then show software icon).

For the report "my managed objects" it could look like this: image.png

The property fields should also be configurable depending on the AD group. E.g. with a Mail AD group the field Mail should be shown. image.png

Or for an AD group, which is used to control software, the following fields should be displayed, for example: image.png

Actually this would be possible with own object types, as it is described here: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_WebInterfaceCustomization_ManageADObjectsOfCustomType.htm

But, extending the AD schema is a serious step. Is there any way to do this without schema extension? or will this be possible in the future?

regards pudong

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Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. A single icon is dedicated for a single type of AD object. However, thank you for the suggestion. We forwarded it to the corresponding department for consideration.

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