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It appears that we can allow conflicting meetings on a room mailbox but can't set the number of allowed conflicts. Is this a bug or intended? Can we request this feature? Do you have a script to create a custom command for this?

We are on version 3.14.19723.0


Thanks, Mark

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Hello Mark,

Is this a bug or intended?

This behavior is by design.

Can we request this feature?

We forwarded the request to the corresponding department for consideration.

Do you have a script to create a custom command for this?

You can use the below script. In the script:

  • $exchangeServer – Specifies the host name of the Exchange server.
  • $numberOfConflicts – Specifies the number of allowed conflicts to set.
$exchangeServer = "exchangeServer.domain.com" # TODO: modify me
$numberOfConflicts = 3  # TODO: modify me

    # Connect to Exchange server
    $session = New-PSSession -connectionURI "http://$exchangeServer/powershell" -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange
    Import-PSSession -session $session -CommandName "Set-CalendarProcessing"

    # Change mailbox type
    Set-CalendarProcessing "%distinguishedName%" -MaximumConflictInstances $numberOfConflicts
    # Close the remote session and release resources
    if ($session) { Remove-PSSession -Session $session}

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