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We are using a script to set the phone number in a business rule after creating a user :

$user = Get-AdmUser -Identity %sAMAccountName%
Set-AdmUser -Identity $user -OfficePhone $formattedNumber

In an other script in the same business rule (but with different conditions) i want to get the setted phone number, but i can't get this to work. I tried differt things:


But both won't work, is there another option?

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Hello Marcel,

To achieve the desired, you need to make sure that both operations are performed on the domain controller Adaxes is connected to. The referenced lines from the first script should be replaced with below:

$Context.TargetObject.Put("telephoneNumber", $formattedNumber)

As for the second script, use the approach like below to obtain the property value:

    $telephoneNumber = $Context.TargetObject.Get("telephoneNumber")
    $telephoneNumber = $NULL

Thanks! Works :-D

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