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Hi All,

We're looking at automating our user provisioning flow, which is currently performed manually, so we are prospective customers.

At present, we ask the users manager whose account we can clone for their new starter. Once they provide a name, we manually go through the group membership of the 'to be cloned from' user and seek authorisation from whoever owns the DL / SG and ask them if the new user can become a member.

Within Adaxes, is it possible to somehow automate this?

Ideally we'd send a form to the manager asking them to pick a user to clone, maybe this could do an LDAP search?

Once submitted, it would then email whoever owns the security group / DL's for approval and add the new user once approved.

What if a group / DL has multiple managers, could we define that somewhere in AD and would Adaxes be able to handle it?


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Yes, it can all be automated in Adaxes. We recommend you to start with checking our demo videos (specifically the one for user provisioning): https://www.adaxes.com/info_demos.htm.

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