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We had this happen today, and it is the first time we have noticed this. We created a user using the HelpDesk web interface (our usual procedure), and the user creation and "After user creation" business rule ran fine. The user also showed in the Adaxes Administration Console (2018.2). At this point, everything looked fine.
Then we went to the AD directly on the DC, and the user did not exist. We refreshed, restarted, checked the filter settings, advanced view, searched, etc. Even adsiedit.msc on the DC did not show the user. Single DC in this domain, so no replication issue, and we waited about 40mins and still no user. We could also still see the user in the Adaxes Administration Console, as if it were perfectly fine.
We ended up deprovisioning the user in Adaxes, and then creating the user manually on the DC and it seems fine now.
I am wondering if this is something that has been seen before, and what we could do to try and troubleshoot if this happens again.


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Think I found the issue, and it doesn't seem to be related to Adaxes. Sorry for the confusion.

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