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Adaxes support,

Is there a way to disable the red x icon in the search results window on a user account. This icon appears by defualt when we disable an account but our HR department does not want us to display the red x icon even if the account is disable. I dont see a way to accomplish this task in the web interface and the only other option it allows is to enable the users picture. Can this be accomplished in the xml config files?

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Yes, this is possible, however you cannot change the icon in search results only. The icon will also be changed in all Active Directory lists and reports of Adaxes Web Interface.

To change the icon, you need to modify the Web Interface source files as follows:

  1. On the computer where your Adaxes Web Interface is installed, open the folder for the Adaxes Web Interface site that you want to configure. By default, Adaxes Web Interface sites are installed to the following folders:

    • Administrators:
      C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\Admin\
    • Help Desk:
      C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\HelpDesk\
    • Self-Service:
      C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\SelfService\
  2. Find the Web.config file and open it with any text editor.

  3. Find the following lines in the file:

     <add name="user">
       <objectViewer controlPath="~/ManageDirectory/UserControls/PersonViewer.ascx">
       <objectRenameControl controlPath="~/ManageDirectory/UserControls/PersonRenameControl.ascx">
  4. Right after the closing tag of the objectRenameControl element, you can see the following section. If it is not present in the file, add it starting on the following line after </objectRenameControl>. The section:

         <add type="Small" icon="user.small.png" />
         <add type="SmallDisabled" icon="user.small.disabled.png" />
         <add type="Create" icon="user.create.png" />
  5. To remove the red cross for disabled users, you need to change the icon for disabled users to the icon for regular users. To do this, replace user.small.disabled.png with user.small.png.

  6. Save the file.

Please remember that these changes will not be backed up by Web Interface backup / restore. Thus, you will need to perform the changes each time you upgrade or reinstall Adaxes.

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