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I've searched the forum and not found an answer. I think other people could use this tool also.
We need a way for group owners to audit the membership of the groups they own. I realize group owners can generate the "view members of a group" report but that is a manual process and only selects one group at a time.

We'd like the ability to get a list of group member attributes for multiple groups.

choose output type (like CSV)
select member attributes to include
loop through list of groups matching pattern "*XXX*"
if group has members then
list attributes of the member
email the attributes to the group owner
end if
end loop

Ideally this should be called from a scheduled task and the output emailed to the group owner for each group examined.
If you have any part of this, like existing powershell code, I'd appreciate seeing it.

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Starting with Adaxes 2018.1, you can use a built-in report, Members of groups. By default, the reports is located in container Reports\All Reports\Groups\Membership. For information on how to schedule reports, have a look at the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveDirectoryManagement_ScheduleReports.htm.

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