Enable approve/deny buttons in email notifications

When an approval request is submitted, email notifications are sent to all approvers. The notifications can contain two buttons that can be used to approve or deny the request directly from the email, without signing in to the Web interface. To enable the feature:

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration console.

     How { #collapse1}
    • On the computer where Adaxes Administration console is installed, open Windows Start menu.

    • Click Adaxes Administration Console.

  2. In the Console Tree, expand the Adaxes service node (the icon represents service nodes).

  3. Right-click Approval Requests and then click Properties in the context menu.

  4. Activate the Email Notifications tab.

  5. Activate the Submitted tab on the right and select the Approve/Deny links checkbox.

    The Approve/Deny buttons will be present in the email notifications only if a Web interface is specified for your Adaxes service. For details, see Specify Web inteface to use in object links.

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