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As I have mentioned before - when creating a new user, I need to fetch the formal name of the user from an external system.
In the external system, the user's formal name (and other data) is paired with an employee numer.

In our old IDM system, we have placed a button on the Create user form, which fires a script and fetches the name.
This is not (yet ?) possible in Adaxes, so I have made the following workaround;

1 - The user manager enters the employee number in a customattributetext field.
2 - The user manager clicks on "Create user"
3 - A Business Rule (before creating a user) detects that the givenname field is empty (because it's not shown on the form) - and fires a script.
4 - This script uses the employee number to find and fetch data from an external data source.

Help needed here:
5 - Now - I need the script to fill the fetched data into the following attributes: givenname and sn.

6 - The user manager then fills in the rest of the informations needed.
7 - The user manager clicks on "Create user" again - and the new user account is created.

Okay, I could display the fetched data to the user manager as an logmessage, but ..... this will appear as a bad solution :oops:

- Thanks

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BR before creating a user:

Trying to fill in some attributes with values fetched for an external system.

This does not work, nor does (because there is no object at this stage):
$Context.TargetObject.Put("givenName", $Value1)
$Context.TargetObject.Put("sn", $Value2)

This should work, but the values are not used by Adaxes when actually creating the user :?
$Context.SetModifiedPropertyValue("givenName", $Value1)
$Context.SetModifiedPropertyValue("sn", $Value2)

Then, the Property Pattern formatting "cn" "%givenName% %sn% (DI%initials:upper%)" is also written wrong .....

- Thanks

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