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Hi all,

Since few days, we're facing regularly connection issue between our O365 tenant and Adaxes.
A simple restart of the Adaxes service solve the issue, for some days.

Below an error from Adaxes event log

Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.CommandProcessingException: The following command threw an exception while being executed: Activate an Office 365 account for 'CROWLEY, Keren (eu.loi.net\EU99-Stores\Locations\United Kingdom\Users)': set Location to 'GB', enable Office 365 Enterprise E3. ---> Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.DirectoryComException (0x80072035): Failed to create an Office 365 account. An error occurred during authentication. Please retry your operation. If this problem persists, contact Technical Support.
at #5.#Fb.#x3(AdmO365AccountProperties accountProperties, #7 propertyAccessor)
at #5.#Fb.#r3(AdmO365AccountProperties accountProperties, #7 propertyAccessor)
at #5.#Jb.WriteProperties(WritePropertiesContext context, AdmSerializablePropertyList propertyList)
at #5.#Jb.WriteProperties(WritePropertiesContext context)
at Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmObject.ModifyObject(WritePropertiesContext writePropertiesContext)
at Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmObject.SetInfoEx(Object props)
at Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.Actions.SetPropertiesAction.ExecuteAction(IAdmTop targetObject, AdmPropertyList propertyListCopy)
at Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.Actions.ActionBase.Execute(IAdmTop targetObjectArg)
at Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.Actions.ActionBase.Execute(ICommand command)
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

Thanks in advance for your help

Kind regards

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It is a well-known issue that occurs because authentication in Office 365 fails. We've already implemented a workaround for it and will release a minor update to Adaxes 2014.1 that will fix the issue within the nearest few days. For now, to resolve the issue, you can restart Adaxes service.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your reply.
We'll try to live with that until you release the update :lol:
The "patch" will be available in Download section ?




Actually, the minor update will be released very soon. Probably, at the beginning of the next week. It will not be just a 'patch', but a new version of Adaxes that will be available at the following page: http://www.adaxes.com/download_direct.htm, where you can always find the latest version of Adaxes. Also, have a look at the Upgrade Procedure, which remains the same no matter whether you upgrade to a minor update or a major version.


Hello guys,

Any news on release date please ?

thanks in advance

King regards



The issue has been fixed in Update 3 to Adaxes 2014.1. You can download the latest release here.

Upgrade instructions

Complete list of bug fixes and minor improvements in the Minor Update

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