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Can I use a PS script to call Adaxes with a list of users or computer and run through it? For example, PS script checks for users NotLoggedOnFor 30 days and sends this list to Adaxes to disable accounts.

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Yes, you can. Try the following script:

Import-Module Adaxes

$domainName = "domain.com";
$adaxesService = "localhost";
$dataLimit = [System.DateTime]::Now.AddDays(-30); 

Search-AdmAccount -AccountInactive -DateTime $dataLimit -UsersOnly -AdaxesService $adaxesService -Server $domainName | Disable-AdmAccount -AdaxesService $adaxesService -Server $domainName 

To search only for computers, use the -ComputersOnly switch parameter. To search for both users and computers, omit this parameter.
To get the full list of Adaxes cmdlets, use Get-Command -Module Adaxes.

In the next version that is scheduled for September (October), it will be possible to perform such activities without scripting using new feature called Scheduled Tasks.


Thanks for help!

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