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Grant Rights to Create and Modify Business Units

In order to allow specific users or groups to create and modify virtual collections of Active Directory objects called Business Units, you need to grant them the permission to create/delete Business Units and permission to write all properties of Business Unit objects. For this purpose, you need to create a Security Role that grants these permissions and assign the new Role to the users or groups, whom you want to allow managing Business Units.

Launch Adaxes Administration Console, right-click your Adaxes service, point to New and click Security Role. The Create Security Role wizard will open.

Launching the Create Security Role wizard

Enter the name for the new role and click Next.

On the Role Permissions page you need to specify which permissions the new role will grant. The permissions for Business Unit management are predefined in the list of common tasks. So, to quickly add these permissions to the role, click the arrow inside the Add button and choose Manage Business Units. Click Next.

Selecting Predefined Permissions

With the help of the drop-down menu you can add permissions for other common tasks, such as managing user accounts, groups, Business Rules, Security Roles, Property Patterns, or Custom Commands, modifying group membership, reading contact information, etc.

Here, at the Assign Role page, you need to specify the users or groups to which you want to assign the new role.
To quickly find a user or group, type its name in the search field and click the button.
Select a user or group in the list of available trustees and click the Assign button.

Role assignments

In the Role Activity Scope dialog that opens, select Configuration Objects, click Add, and then click OK two times.

Role assignments

When the assignment is added, it will be displayed in the Assignments list. To add assignments to other users or groups, repeat steps 4 and 5.

When all necessary assignments are added, click Finish.

Specified assignment

For information on how to create and manage Business Units, see View and manage AD objects collectively.
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