Connect to Adaxes service as administrator

After Adaxes is installed, the only account that you can use to perform post-installation tasks is the Adaxes service account that is specified during the installation process. So, initially you need to connect to your Adaxes service using the service account.

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration Console. Then, click your Adaxes service in the Adaxes Services list.

    If the Adaxes service you need is not available in the list, click Connect to another Adaxes service, specify the host where your Adaxes service is installed and click Next.

  2. On the Log On step of the wizard, enter the credentials of the service account that was specified during installation of Adaxes service.

    Click Finish.

  3. If you created a dedicated account for Adaxes service, as a general best practice, it is not recommended to use the account for configuration purposes. Instead, you need to add your own account to the list of Adaxes administrators and use it to perform all the configuration tasks.

    To add a user to the list of Adaxes administrators:

    • Right-click your Adaxes service in the Console Tree, then click Properties.

    • Activate the Administrators tab and click Add.

    • Select the users and groups which you want to assign administrator rights to.

      Take into account that Adaxes service administrators have full access to Adaxes configuration and all Active Directory domains managed by Adaxes.

      Click OK, then click Apply.

    • Activate the Log On tab and specify the account you want to log on to your Adaxes service with.

      Click OK.

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