Active Directory management & automation

Change Template for Auto-Generating User Full Name

When a new user is created in Active Directory, Adaxes generates a value for the Full Name field in the 'FirstName LastName' format. To change this format, you need to modify the built-in Property Pattern for AD users called 'User Pattern'.

1 Launch Adaxes Administration Console, expand
Adaxes service \ Configuration \ Property Patterns \ Builtin and select User Pattern.

Selecting the built-in Property Pattern

2 In the Result Pane (located on the right), right-click the Full Name property and click Edit in the context menu.

Property Pattern item context menu

3 In the Edit Property Pattern Item dialog, modify the template used to generate user full names in the Generate default value field. Click OK.

Modifying property pattern item

To generate property values of AD objects on the basis of other properties you can use value references (e.g. %username%). When creating or modifying an AD object, these value references are replaced with the property values of this object. For example, you have specified the template %lastname%, %firstname% for the Full Name property. Now, if you enter John as the user first name and Doe as the last name, this user full name will be generated automatically as Doe, John.

4 Optionally, repeat steps 4 and 5 for the Display Name property. When finished click Save changes.

Save the Property Pattern

When the changes are made, the Full Name property will be generated using the specified template during the creation or modification of an Active Directory user:

Generating the Full Name property

You may also want to modify the full name of existing AD users according to the specified template. To change the Full Name property of existing user accounts, perform the following steps:

1 Select the users you need, right-click and select Add/Modify Property from the context menu.

Launching the Add/Modify Property wizard

2 In the Add or Modify Property wizard, check the Show all properties check-box, select the Name property in the list and click Next.

Selecting the property to modify

3 At the next step, enter a template used to generate user full names in the Property value field and click Finish.

Specifying the property value

If necessary, repeat these steps for the Display Name property.

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