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Customize Help and Support Links

In Adaxes Active Directory Web Interface, Help and Support links appear at the top of each page.

By default, the Help and Support links point to the Adaxes Help and Support pages. You can customize the links to provide access to local resources, documentation or even direct email access to your local support.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • customize the Help and Support links to point to your local documentation and support services,
  • change the purpose or the function of the links or
  • completely remove the links from Adaxes Web Interface.

On the computer, where the Web Interface is installed, start the Web Interface Customization tool.

In the Interface type drop-down list, select the Web Interface you want to configure.

Activate the Miscellaneous tab.

Click Customize Help and Support Links.

Here, at the Help and Support Links dialog, you can customize the Help and Support links. The upper portion of the dialog contains settings for the Help link, settings for the Support link are in the lower part.

To hide the Help or Support links from the Web Interface, uncheck the Display option. For example, if you want to hide the Help link, uncheck the Display the Help link option.

To change the name under which a link appears in the Web Interface, type the new name in the Text field.

To change the URL of a link, specify the new URL in the URL field.

Any text in the URL field starting with mailto: will be considered a link to an e-mail address. This can be used to publish an important e-mail address that your users should always have at hand. For example, you can provide direct mail access to your help desk team.

You can provide custom hints for the Help and Support links. The hints will be displayed when a user hovers the mouse over the links in the Web Interface. Type the text of the hint in the Hint field.

If you want a link to always open in a new browser window, select the Open this link in a new window option.

If you want to apply the changes that you've made to all installed Web Interface types (Administrators, Help Desk, Self-Service), click Apply to All Web Interface Types.

If some undesired changes were made to the configuration of the Help and Support links, you can discard all the changes made and restore the out of the box configuration by clicking the Reset to Defaults button at the bottom of the dialog.
When finished, click Apply.
There is no need to restart IIS to apply the changes, as the changes are applied automatically.
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