Active Directory management & automation

Customize the Home Page

The Home page of the Active Directory Web Interface can contain the following panes:

  • Actions
    The Actions pane allows users to launch frequently used operations right from the Home page in a single mouse click. You can configure this pane to contain links for performing various operations on Active Directory objects, execute Custom Commands, and display links to other web sites. If necessary, you can hide the Actions pane from the Home page.

  • Active Directory
    The Active Directory pane can be configured to display either managed Active Directory domains or specific Active Directory objects. The latter option allows users to quickly access frequently used Active Directory objects, as these objects are placed right on the Home page. Also, this pane enables users to access objects located deeply in the Active Directory structure without having access to the structure itself. If necessary, you can hide the Active Directory pane from the Home page.

  • Business Units
    This pane displays Business Units defined in Adaxes. Business Units are virtual collections (or virtual Organizational Units) that allow users to collectively manage objects regardless of their location in the Active Directory. To learn more on how to create Business Units, see View & manage AD objects collectively . If necessary, you can hide the Business Units pane from the Home page.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure the panes displayed on the Home page, hide specific panes, and completely hide the Home page.

On the computer, where the Web Interface is installed, start the Web Interface Customization tool.

In the Interface type drop-down list, select the Web Interface you want to configure.

Activate the General tab.

To completely hide the Home page, select the Do not show the Home page check box.

To hide the Actions pane, Active Directory pane, or Business Units pane, clear the corresponding checkbox in the Home Page group box.

To specify the actions to be available in the Actions pane, do the following:
  • Select the Actions pane check box.
  • Click Configure Home Page Actions.
  • Use the Home Page Actions dialog to add/edit/remove actions from the Actions pane.
For more details, see Configure Home Page Actions .

To customize the Active Directory pane, do the following:
  • Select the Active Directory pane check box.
  • Click Configure Active Directory Pane.
  • Specify the objects to be shown in the Active Directory pane.

When finished, click Apply.
There is no need to restart IIS to apply the changes, as the changes are applied automatically.
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