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Set Custom Logo and Colors

In this tutorial, you will learn how to brand the Adaxes Active Directory Web Interface with your company logo and colors.

On the computer, where the Web Interface is installed, start the Web Interface Customization tool.

In the Interface type drop-down list, select the Web Interface you want to configure.

Open the General tab and click Customize Logo and Colors.

To configure the Web Interface to display the logo of your company, do the following:
  • Prepare a PNG image with the logo of your company. The maximum recommended dimensions for the image are 330 x 70 pixels.
  • Select the Show company logo option.
  • Click the Change Logo button.
  • Select your image and click Open.

To change the colors of the Main Menu and Navigation Bar, click the button next to the appropriate label in the Main Menu Colors section and choose your new color.

To change the color of forms and pane captions, click the button inside the Form/Caption section.

To change the color of the default button, click the button inside the Default Button section.

If you want your changes to be applied to all installed Web Interface types (Administrators, Help Desk, Self-Service), click the Apply to All Web Interface Types button located at the bottom of the dialog.

Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog.

You can also change the default Web Interface icon that is displayed in the address bar, browser tabs, and bookmark list of the user's web browser.

To change this icon, perform the following steps:
  • Activate the Miscellaneous tab.

  • Click the Change button in the Favicon section.

  • Select the icon you need and click Open.
  • Click Apply. If you want the selected icon to be displayed in all installed Web Interface types, click the Apply to All Web Interface Types button located in the Favicon section.
There is no need to restart IIS to apply the changes, as the changes are applied automatically.
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