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Adaxes is a management and automation solution that provides enhanced administration experience to Active Directory, Exchange and Microsoft 365 environments.

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Active Directory Management

Adaxes features a rule-based platform for Active Directory, Exchange and Microsoft 365 automation, provides an enhanced web-based management environment, gives you a role-based access control model for delegating privileges, adds security with approval-based workflow, allows enforcing corporate data standards and much more.

Automated Provisioning

With Adaxes all user lifecycle management procedures can be fully automated, including provisioning, re-provisioning and deprovisioning in Active Directory and connected systems, such as Exchange, Microsoft 365 and Skype for Business.

Add to groups
Move to Organizational Unit
Create mailbox
Create home folder
Enable for Skype 4B
Assign M365 licences
Send welcome email
Other actions

Role-Based Delegation

Adaxes Role-Based Access Control model makes following the least privilege principle extremely easy. It also gives you centralized control over permissions, so you can delegate, manage and revoke them timely and efficiently.

Web Interface for Active Directory

Adaxes Web Interface allows managing Active Directory from any device via a standard web browser. It provides a clean and intuitive UI for admins, help desk and other staff to execute their AD administration tasks and a self-service portal for regular users. The Web Interface is fully customizable, so everyone always gets access to the exact views, forms and operations they need – no more, no less.

Single Interface for AD, Exchange, and Microsoft 365

With Adaxes Web Interface all Active Directory, Exchange and Microsoft 365 tasks are combined into a single place. It provides a simple and elegant management experience, eliminating the need for users to learn multiple tools and switch between them in day-to-day routines.

Approval-Based Workflow

Adaxes lets you add approval steps to practically any operation in your Active Directory environment. Such approach allows delegating more responsibilities to lower level staff without losing control or adding any security risks.

Self-Password Reset

Adaxes Password Self-Service eliminates the problem of resetting forgotten passwords and unlocking accounts. It allows users to do it by themselves after they verify their identity by answering security questions and/or providing a code received via SMS, email or a mobile app (Google Authenticator, Authy, Okta Verify and others). It also works offsite and offline, covering users who forget their password while working from home or on business trips.

Exchange Management and Automation

Adaxes automates creation and management of Exchange mailboxes both on-premises and in Microsoft 365. Any other Exchange-related tasks that require human interaction can be executed via Adaxes Web Interface, eliminating the need to use multiple tools for Active Directory and Exchange.

Microsoft 365 Management and Automation

Adaxes allows you to automate the process of assigning and revoking of Microsoft 365 licenses using condition-based rules. It also enables you to manually configure Exchange Online mailboxes and manage M365 licenses via the same Web Interface you use for Active Directory tasks.

Active Directory Reports

Adaxes provides detailed reports on your Active Directory environment. In addition to the 200+ built-in ones Adaxes gives you a powerful platform to create your own custom reports of any complexity. It supports centralized scheduling and also allows users to schedule the reports of their choice for themselves.

Key Benefits

Reduced Workload

Automated everyday tasks, user lifecycle management, streamlined provisioning, self-service portal, web interface — all that can massively reduce the routine workload on your IT staff.

Increased Security

Active Directory security is significantly increased due to the approval-based workflow, role-based security administration model and automated user provisioning and deprovisioning.

Efficient Audit and Monitoring

Comprehensive tracking and reporting enables advanced analysis and monitoring of the enterprise resources making your Active Directory environment a more regulated and elaborated place.

Standardized AD Environment

Adaxes allows you to enforce corporate standards on your Active Directory data, minimizing possible human factor mistakes and making the management process cleaner and easier.

Expert Reviews

Customer Feedback

Adaxes can be recommended for everyone, it's easy to get started with, and has many good opportunities that will facilitate your daily work.

Kurt Terp Pedersen
NEAS Energy

The Adaxes software is quite amazing and I'm not sure how we used to get along without it. The documentation as well as the support are both very good. The response time and level of information provided in forum replies is beyond excellent.

Aaron Gould
Baytex Energy Corp

Very good. Great reactivity of the support team. Good roadmap, oriented to the clients needs.

Benjamin Devichi

I have been very impressed with the response that my staff has received when posting questions on the forums. Having a forum moderated by support staff is a huge plus in my book.

Greg Gallaway
Family Home Care and Hospice

Great - that is one word which comes to mind when describing the tooling, support and features.

Marcel Mulder
Tele2 Nederland

Adaxes is an easy to install tool with good documentation. Support can be challenging at times, only due to the fact that they are not US based.

Donald Small
Matrix Medical Network

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