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What's New in Adaxes 2016

Release Date
September 30, 2016

Adaxes 2016 is a cumulative update that contains many performance and usability improvements. Important bug fixes are also included.

The new release provides extended support for Exchange. In particular, we added the long-awaited possibility to create and delete remote mailboxes. Also, it is now possible to manage storage quotas in Exchange Online and enable or disable the OWA for Devices mailbox feature.

Apart from that, we've added the possibility to store log records in databases located outside of your Active Directory environment, such as, for example, Windows Azure SQL databases.

This is a recommended update for customers using Adaxes 2014.1 and 2015. All customers having a license for Adaxes 2014.1 and 2015 can upgrade to Adaxes 2016 free of charge.


Support for Remote Mailboxes
Support for
Remote Mailboxes

Starting from the new version, Adaxes supports creating remote mailboxes in hybrid environments. This allows you to route mail to users from both your on-premises and Exchange Online organizations. In addition to that, we've added the possibility to create remote resource mailboxes and remote mailbox archives using scripts.

OWA for Devices Mailbox Feature
OWA for Devices Mailbox

Now, you have the possibility to enable and disable the OWA for Devices Feature of Exchange mailboxes.

Storage Quotas for Exchange Online Mailboxes
Storage Quotas for Exchange Online Mailboxes

In the new version, you can define storage quotas not only for mailboxes located on premises, but also for Exchange Online mailboxes.


External Email Address Template
External Email Address Template

From now on, when configuring the Establish Email Address action, you can specify a template for the external email address that will be assigned to users or groups mail-enabled by the action. This can be helpful if you want to assign an address that is different from their email address specified in the Email property.

Create Mailboxes when Enabling Users
Create Mailboxes when Enabling Users

If you create users with disabled accounts that are enabled on their first work-day, you can automatically create Exchange mailboxes for them when enabling the accounts. For this purpose, Business Rules triggered on enabling a user account support the Create Exchange Mailbox action.


Storing Log Records on External Servers

We've added the possibility to use MS SQL databases located outside of your network to store Adaxes logs. This includes Windows Azure SQL, Amazon Web Services SQL services, and also other external MS SQL servers.



In response to multiple requests, we've optimized the performance and stability of the mechanisms used to access Office 365 and Exchange Online. Special attention has been paid to large environments with several thousand users in the cloud.

And More!

  • Office 365
    • We've added support for the Yammer Enterprise Office 365 service.
  • Exchange
    • You can now configure Adaxes to use only specific Exchange Servers. This allows you to restrict connections to slowly responding or heavily loaded servers.
    • Now, you can specify hold duration when putting a mailbox on Litigation Hold.
  • Web Interface
    • The ampersand ('&') character is now supported in URLs passed by the Link to Specific URL Home Page Action.
  • Administration Console
    • Now, when inserting a value reference, you can filter properties not only by their display name, but also by their LDAP name.
  • Scripting
    • You can get the type of operation requested by an Approval Request programmatically.
  • The following properties are now displayed in a human-readable format:
    • ms-DS-User-Password-Expiry-Time-Computed
    • ms-Mcs-AdmPwdExpirationTime

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the One of the identified items was in an invalid format error that occurred when registering an Active Directory domain in Adaxes.
  • Fixed the following error that occurred when restoring Adaxes service configuration: The server side error is: 0x20b5 The name reference is invalid.
  • Fixed the Failed to get the status error that occurred when moving mailbox archives.
  • Fixed the following errors that occurred when trying to enable or disable users for Skype for Business:
    • Cannot convert the "Microsoft.Rtc.Rgs.Management.RgsIdentity" value of type "System.String" to type "System.Type".
    • Cannot convert the Microsoft.Rtc.Rgs.Management.WritableSettings.Agent" value of type "System.String" to type "System.Type".
  • Fixed a time synchronization issue in the logging system. Typical symptoms of the issue are as follows: log records are not synchronized to an external logging database, and the following error appears in Adaxes Event Log:

    Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PKOperations'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Operations'. The duplicate key value is (GUID)."

  • The System error message no longer appears when trying to use the Web Interface after staying logged for a long time.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the IAdmBusinessUnit::Members method to return unmanaged accounts if the number of such accounts exceeded 1000.
  • Fixed an issue with the Business Units pane that occurred when one of the managed AD domains was not available. Due to the issue, the following error appeared in the pane instead of Business Units:

    Command Processor 'Access Control Processor' threw an exception when processing the command. 'example.com' is not operational.

  • The following calculated properties are now supported in Business Rules triggered before creating a user:
    • adm-ManagerEmail
    • adm-ManagerFirstName
    • adm-ManagerLastName
    • adm-ManagerFullName
    • adm-ManagerMobile
    • adm-ManagerPhone
    • adm-ManagerUserName
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Administration Console to hang when editing a script in the PowerShell Script Editor.
  • Now, when a user whose preferred language specified in a web browser is German uses an Adaxes service whose language is English, the service provides error, information and warning messages in German.

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