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What's new in Adaxes 2017.1

Release date
May 18, 2017

Good news, everyone! Adaxes 2017.1 is finally here.

The update brings a major extension to Password Self-Service, one of the most used and beloved features of Adaxes. Users can now reset passwords on domain-joined laptops that have no connection to a domain controller or no Internet access whatsoever.

The latest version also improves the Send SMS functionality, brings performance and stability improvements, bug fixes and other goodies you'd expect from an update.

Password Self-Service

Adaxes Password Self-Service now works with two new scenarios: offsite — when there's no connection to the domain (e.g. at home) and offline — when the machine has no Internet access (e.g. in a hotel).

Offsite Password Self-Service

Offsite Password Self-Service

When users forget their password away from company's premises, Adaxes allows them to reset it from a domain-joined laptop that has no connection to a domain controller. After that users can log in to the laptop with the new password. Adaxes does that by securely updating local credentials cache on users' machines.

Offline Password Self-Service

Offline Password Self-Service

Adaxes now allows users to reset passwords on domain-joined laptops that are completely offline, by using their phones (or other devices with Internet access). When users start Adaxes Password Self-Service on an offline machine, they are given a request key and a link that needs to be opened on their phone. There they need to undergo a standard Adaxes AD password reset procedure by answering security questions and/or using SMS verification.

After that is done they are given a response key that needs to be entered to the offline laptop alongside the new password. After the key is verified, Adaxes updates local credentials cache one the laptop and allows users to log in.

Enhanced Password Self-Service Performance

Adaxes Password Self-Service now works lightning-fast even when there's weak or no connection to AD. We've eliminated all delays when loading the Windows logon screen with ‘Forgot your password' option enabled. This is achieved by caching the Password Self-service client settings on users' computers.

Send SMS

Adaxes now supports Rest API for sending SMS messages that allows more reliable and universal interaction with SMS providers like Clickatell. Now you can also configure maximum SMS length sent by Adaxes.

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

With Adaxes 2017.1 we had to put our heads down to optimize a lot of under-the-hood processes to bring you better performance, stability improvements as well as bug-fixing. Here are the main ones:

  • The Logging view improved with up to 4 times better performance.
  • Adaxes now supports the msDS-SourceAnchor property to link Office 365 and AD user accounts.
  • Improved performance when working with a large number of asynchronous actions.
  • The Read General Service Log permission is now sufficient to view the General Log.
  • Fixed a bug with not updating domain status when it returns from non-operational state to operational.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented deleting objects with children via Business Rules, Custom Commands and Scheduled Tasks.
  • Fixed a bug with showing scheduled tasks' next run time, when running during date change time.
  • Fixed a bug with %distinguishedName% value reference not updating after moving an object.
  • Special symbols in the group name no longer causes errors while updating the Managed By property.
  • Disconnected Exchange Servers are now ignored.
  • Adaxes no longer creates remote routing addresses with invalid characters.
  • You can now get Activity History of Scheduled Tasks for a fixed time period with PowerShell.
  • Fixed The server is unwilling to process the request error when using the New-AdmUser cmdlet and a minimum password length is set.
  • From now on, there's no need to restart Adaxes Service to sync the Web Interface URL across a Configuration Set of Adaxes Services.
  • Fixed the Failed to determine whether you are a service administrator error that occurred in the Administration Console when trying to view My Approvals.
  • Fixed the following error that occurred when getting Exchange properties of Office 365 mailboxes:
    The operation couldn't be performed because object ‘' couldn't be found on ‘SERVER.PROD. OUTLOOK.COM.

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