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What's New in Adaxes 2017.2

Release Date
November 23, 2017
Adaxes gets updated to 2017.2!

For this update we’ve kept on the hard work to give you an even better user experience and continued the refinement process of Adaxes. We introduced several new features, enhanced the performance and addressed known issues.

This is a recommended update for customers using Adaxes 2017.1. All customers having a license for Adaxes 2017.1 can upgrade to Adaxes 2017.2 free of charge.

Here are the most important improvements that come with Adaxes 2017.2:


  • Startup time of the Adaxes Service is now considerably reduced.
  • Support for BOM is added, resolving issues with importing CSV and LDIF documents encoded in UTF-8.
  • The new version adds support for Windows Server 2016 functional level.
  • Non-operational domains are now ignored when showing effective objects for Security Roles.
  • Adding users or groups to Service Administrators can now be viewed in the logs.
  • Addressed issues with Administration Console working on multi-monitor setups.
  • Offline and Offsite Password Reset not working for computers located in a container whose name contains a blank space or a special character is now fixed.
  • Predefined permissions option Reset user passwords and force password change at next logon now includes Allow Write 'User Cannot Change Password' property.


  • A new SMS provider, Twilio, is now added as predefined.
  • Compatibility problems with Clickatell SMS Provider are now fixed.

Exchange and Office 365

  • Create Exchange Mailbox action can now be added to workflows that are automatically executed after moving or renaming a user.
  • Adaxes now supports using different attributes as sourceAnchor to link Office 365 and on premises AD user accounts.
  • Linked Mailboxes can now be added in Mail Flow settings.
  • Fixed the 'Invalid Email Address: The primary X500 address is not specified' error that occurred when modifying email addresses of Exchange Online contacts.
  • Exchange Online runspaces can now be set separately in the Service Configuration file.
  • Exchange Storage Quotas are now supported up to 2048 GB.
  • The 'The total number of explicit and implicit subfilters exceeds maximum allowed number of 250. Processing stopped' error that occurred when using Exchange functionality is now fixed.


Update 1

Version: 3.8.14817.0
Release Date: November 17, 2017

  • When showing the list of Office 365 Plans and Services, Adaxes now automatically excludes those that can’t be assigned to users.
  • Updated the list of default display names for Office 365 Services and Service Plans.
  • Fixed a bug with empty Exchange policies lists when performing certain operations.

Update 2

Version: 3.8.14823.0
Release Date: November 23, 2017

  • Added support for Office 365 Services that are maintained automatically by Office 365. They are now available in the If is licensed for Office 365 condition and when configuring Office 365 Plans.
  • Adaxes now allows enabling and disabling computer accounts in bulk from Web Interface object lists.
  • Fixed an issue with some operations not appearing in log records stored in an external MS SQL database.

Update 3

Release Date: December 21, 2017

This update is for Adaxes Self-Service Client only. For upgrade instructions, see the Installation Guide.

  • Adaxes Self-Service Client no longer overrides the last used sign-in option on the Windows Logon Screen. For example, if the last used sign-in method was PIN, it will still be the default method on the next logon. The fix applies to Windows 8 and higher.

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